My Story

Born in West Covina, CA, Leroy grew up listening to all kinds of music from classic country to classic rock and everything in between. He had a love for music from the very beginning. At the age of ten, Leroy started to learn his craft beginning with the Pedal Steel guitar and Acoustic guitar. He practiced by playing along with the radio for hours at a time. When he was twelve, his mom started taking him to small clubs where he would get a chance to sit in and play with different local groups. This gave him experience he used to hone his craft and grow into the passionate player he is today. Leroy had his first professional gig playing with Les Martin and The Country Drifters when he was fourteen. 

He was "Voted Specialty Instrumentalist of the Year" in 2005 and again at the 2023 WAMI's", Wisconsin Area Music Industry awards recognizing Wisconsin musicians’ achievements and accomplishments.

Leroy brings a full body sound with hot pickin’ styles, in musical genres including Classic and Contemporary Country, Blues, Classic Rock, Texas Swing, Bluegrass, Gospel, Contemporary Christian Rock and Americana. His years of professional performances brought his special musical touches to the groups:  Les Martin and The Country Drifters, Showdown, Texas ‘55, Wade Vincent Root, Madison County, The Jon Stone Band, Saving Savannah,Adam Pope & The Rebel Roots, Dog House Flowers, Eddie Crummer, Dan Lepien and more.
Leroy is a hired gun, freelancing for any artist wanting to add energy, Steel Guitar, Dobro and Vocals to their shows. Music is his passion. He loves doing studio gigs for commercial and private clients and is currently playing for these Artists:  OutLaw'D, Matt MF Tyner, The Brady Luke Band, Gods Outlaws,Abby Spencer,  the worship team at Oakwood Church, and country artist Les Martin. 

Leroy also works with several studios  and at his own "Studio D". He can add full parts and finishing touches on any and all genres of music with his tasteful toolbox of sounds and effects. Leroy also enjoys  mixing and Mastering. I have refurbished old cassettes to digital and re-mixed albums. 

To anyone looking for a talented Pedal Steel or Dobro player, Leroy is highly recommended. He is someone you can depend on. He is always interested in doing auditions. If you are looking for a HIGH EXCITEMENT Pedal Steel/Dobro player for your shows or projects please consider him for an audition. Leroy brings a new face and sound seasoned with experience, good equipment, and a get-along-with-everyone-personality. He has a passport and no bad habits.

Leroy embraces the opportunity to go as far as his love and gift for music will take him!
Leroy is a dynamic player who offers true emotion and mood for every song.
Natalia Zukerman had this to say about Leroy while producing her CD, Brand New Frame - "Today was another unexpected surprise - Leroy Deuster came in to play pedal steel on two tunes and ended up being the prize. A bear of a guy with a champion mullet and the cutest dimples I've ever seen. They called him a "Sconny" around here, a REAL Wisconsin guy. His accent sounds French Canadian it's so Wisconsin. Anyway, he was a SWEETHEART and just an amazing musician. So thoughtful and tasteful. Can rip and tear and shred on that beast of an instrument but...didn't. Just in the right places and just enough. That takes skill and serious musicianship to be able to sit back and let the song be what it is and NOT show off. It takes a lot of time and a lot of confidence. So thank you to Leroy for coming in and being brilliant and adding so much to this project." 

Bill Maynard, Studio Manager/Producer/Engineer at Paradyme Productions had this to say; "I have worked with Leroy Deuster on several projects and it is always a pleasure. Be it modern or traditional country music or rock ‘n’ roll, Leroy’s skills bring new emotion to the songs he has performed on. Leroy is a confident, patient, a true professional when it comes time to record, always willing to go the extra mile for the sake of the best take. In my experience with Leroy he has constantly been accommodating with scheduling sessions and prompt on his arrival to the studio."